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NOTICE: Although Casey is concentrating on C-2 with his partner Rick Powell from now through the 2008 Olympics, he will continue to compete in his C-1 serveral times each year. The C-2 results links have been removed from this page and the information is now available on Rick Powell & Casey Eichfeld's C-2 Team web site.

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Race Name Location Date - Results
Youth Olympic Feast Penrith, Australia 01/20/07 - C-1 Junior Champion
U.S. Senior Nationals Charoltte, NC 08/26/06 - 5th in C-1 Men
PanAm Champships Madawaska, Ont, Canada 08/20/06 - 2nd in C-1 Men
U.S. Cup #2 Chilliwack, B.C. Canada 07/23/06 - C-1 Junior Champion
Junior Olympics Chilliwack, B.C. Canada 07/22/06 - C-1 Junior Champion
Junior World Champ Solkan, Slovenia 07/09/06 - 10th in C-1 Junior
Junior Team Trials Wausau, WI 05/14/06 - 2nd in C-1 Junior
U.S. Senior Team Trials South Bend, IN 04/23/06 - 5th in C-1 Men
U.S. Senior Nationals Bakersfield, CA 08/28/05 - 4th in C-1 Men
Junior Olympics South Bend, IN 07/30/05 - C-1 Junior Champion
Junior Olympics South Bend, IN 07/30/05 - C-2 Junior Champions ¹
Jr Team Trials (Day 1) NOC, Bryson City, NC 04/30/05 - Team Member (2nd Boat)
Jr Team Trials (Day 2) NOC, Bryson City, NC 05/01/05 - (Won 3 of the 4 runs!)
ACA S/E Qualifier NOC, Bryson City, NC 03/27/05 -Qualified, 5th C-1 Men
Australian Nationals Sidney, Australia 02/20/05 - 1st C-1 Jr, 6th overall
Canadian Nationals Valleyfield, Qc, Canada 08/16/04 - 1st C-1Team, 2nd C-1Jr

¹ partnered with his brother Devon.

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