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Casey started paddling slalom at the Penn Cup at age five and New England Slalom Series races at age seven. The NESS paddlers and race organizers have always considered him a "favorite son". Now that he has moved to national prominance, we are especially proud of Casey and wish him luck in his future paddling endeavors. Currently Casey is the number two, C-1 Junior on the United States Junior National Team and resently he and partner Rick Powell burst on the doubles sceen by winning the 2006 National Championship in C-2. He and Ricky followed up their 2006 National Championship with a two wins in three days at the 2007 U.S Senior Team Trials to become the number one C-2 on the U.S. Nationals team. This accomplishment was further enhanced by the fact the the C-2 qualified, by a time percentage of the fastest K-1 men's boat, to compete in Europe at the World Cup races in the summer of 2007 and the World Championships in Brazil in September 2007. For additional information see below.

Meet Casey Eichfeld:
Meet Casey Sean Eichfeld, born November 15, 1989 in Harrisburg, PA. Casey lives with his parents, Steve and Kathy Eichfeld, his younger sister Erin and his brother Devon, the youngest Eichfeld. Casey currently in the Keystone High School Distance Program. Besides his first love, canoeing, Casey is an accomplished student of dance. Just to give you an idea how early Casey got involved with canoeing, compare your experiences with his. His first canoe trip at eight months old; first class III whitewater canoe trip at two and half years old; his first slalom race at five years old; his first solo slalom race at six years old and his first national slalom event at eight year old. Not a bad start! Casey has a number of other achievements to his credit. He is the youngest National Cadet Slalom Team member in U.S. history and the youngest solo competitor at a U.S. National Slalom Championships. He was recognized as one of the "Paddlers of the Next Century" in June 2000 issue of Paddler Magazine. In Sports Illustrated for Kids October 2000 issue, Casey was listed as a "2000 Olympic Hotshot". In 2004, he was the youngest competitor in the Junior Worlds Whitewater Slalom Championships in Lofer, Austria placing in the top 50% of his class.

Hot News:
The Creamsicle Rick and Casey won the U.S. Senior NationalTeam Trials Championship in C-2 in April of 2007 by by placing first in two of three races at the trails and became the number one C-2 in the United States! The pair have been training full time since December of 2006 and have set a goal of representing the United States in C-2 at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The next big hurdle will be the 2008 U.S.Olympic Trials-U.S.National Team Trials-Olympic North American Contential Qualifier in April of 2008. Good Luck Guys! - PHOTO: 2007 World Championships in Brazil.
(Posted: 01/13/2008)

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