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Event Planning

Funding Priorities
The funding priority of this type of event is the race itself. The race committee should be focused on putting on a good slalom race for the competitors that in some cases have driven a long way to join the competition. Entry fee shold be calculated to cover the cost on the race and the required facilities to put on the race. Tee Shirts and dinners are really extras and should be self funding either be charging a fee or have a sponsor picking up the tab. There is absolutly no reason why a race organizing committee should loose money running a ACA OCS National Championship.

Sanitary Facilities
Port-a-Johns will be required at the race site if other facilities are not available. Depending on whether there is camping at the race site, the number of units will varry. In some cases it may be less expensive to have a smaller number of units serviced half way through the event than to have a larger number of units. Two or three would seem to be a requirement for a race site without camping and three or four for a race site with camping. The number of competitors, volunteers and spectatorsd expected will also have to factored in the total number of units required.

Course Construction Materials
The course construction materials will include the following:
- Bright palstic engineer tape to mark the gate wires on tree when designing the course.
- Nylon String in at least three colors, (one to three rolls per gate depending on the width of the river).
- Steel Single Strand Fence Wire, (17 gage for narrow rivers and 14 gage for wide ones).
- Materials to create race site signage.

Furniture and Trap Requirements
Make arragnements to borrow the following furniture and trap required for the event with the possible exception of the tarps. Be careful not to get tables that are really heavy and then have to carry them any distance. There are 12' x 12' folding canopies that would work well for Start and Finish if they are available.
- Folding Chairs, (Start:3, Finish:4, Scoring:6, Race HQ/Registration Table:6).
- Folding Tables, (Start:1, Finish:1, Scoring:2, Race HQ/Registration Table:2).
- Tarps, (Start and Finish: 12' x 16' each, Scoring and Race HQ/Registration Table: 16' x 20' each).

Slalom Gates
Unless your race committee plans to run additional slalom races in the future, try to borrow a set of slalom gates. If you elect to construct a set of gates make your crossmember 6 or 7 feet long to allow for a variety of gate widths, (say about 54", 60" & 72"). Click here for additional information on building a set of gates.

Timing Equipment
Although there are various exotic timing systems arround, you can use simple stop watches, five should do it. A ski area that runs ski slalom events may have a timing system that the race committee could trade a sponsor sign at the race site for using it to time the race.

Radio Communication
Radios are invaluable. You can use CB radios or the new Personal Radios. Also there is a possibility that the ski area that runs ski slalom events might have radios that you can borrow. You'll need about ten radios, (a couple of more would be better). There will be three radio networks at the race site. One linking Start, Finish and Scoring Operator #4. Two additional radio networks will link two or three gate judging stations with two different Scoring Operators. It's nice for the Chief Gate Judge and the Race Chairman to carry radios also to monitor the radio networks and keep things running smoothly.

PA System
A PA System is nice but not a requirement at all. It does make it easier to get a hold of people that are missing or to announce changes in schedules. A running comentary has limited value unless there are a large number of spectators.

Event Program
The Event Program can be a simple as bib list for each race day and published the morning of each day. Or, it can be as extensive as having adds sold in it and contain the race information packet plus entry forms.

Event Dinner
The Event Dinner is a nice thing but is not at all manditory. As a substitute, setting up several hot grills and let everyone know that there will be a bring your own steak, or whatever, dinner and pot luck happening will be just fine! If a formal dinner is schedule, costs can be a concern. Without a dinner sponsor, putting the fee for the dinner on the entry form will get the money up front and give you an approximate head count in advance.

Tee Shirts
Tee Shirts are a great souvenir of a National Championships, however they are not a manditory part of the event. If the race committee believes that there must be a Tee Shirt and a Tee Shirt Sponsor can not be found, then the cost of the Tee Shirt(s) should be added to the entry form to cover the cost.

The Race Committee should never have to pay for any publicity. The best promotion the race committee can get is a web site. Click here for additional information on how to put a web site together. Also post the event on the local events listings that are part of the Chamber of Commerce, local newspapers, radio & TV sataions as well as web sites that involve canoeing. Conacting the news/sports desk at the newpaper, radio &TV stations to try and get a story on the event. Flyers and posters are a waist of time and money.

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