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Scoring Overview

The people at the Scoring Table are basicly radio operators who communicate with Start, Finish and the several Gate Judging Stations. Scoring table personal process the Score Strips and in the case of a race run with electronic timing may also may operate the computer system and electronic equipment that's part of theTiming System.
Scoring Operator Number One listens to the Start/Finish/Scoring radio network to obtain the bib number of the next competitor and pass the correct score strip on the Scoring Operator Number Two.
Scoring Operator Number Two communicates with one or more Gate Judging Stations and receives the penalties for the current competitor and records the information on the score strip then passes the score strip on to Scoring Operator Number Three.
Additional Scoring Operators may be needed depending on how the Gate Judging Station Radio Networks are set up. In some cases only Operators Number Two the Three are required and each would communciate with two or more Gate Judging Stations. In other cases there would be a Scoring Operator for each Gate judging Station requiring additional Scoring Operators that would function in the same mannor as above.
Chief Scoring Operator receives the competitor's raw time via radio from Finish or from the Timing Computer Operator at Scoring, enters it on the score strip. Then the penalties are totaled, the penalty total is added to the raw time and the total score for that run is entered on the score strip. When processing seconds runs, an additional step of adding the total score from first and second runs together for a final score for closed boats or entering the better of the two runs for a final score for open boats is required.
Results Computer Operator Operator takes the score strips and enters the data in a copmuter in order to published printer results to post on one or moer score boards arround the course. If there is a large leader score board, this computer would also have the capibility to send data directly to the score for current top competitions and other messages that spectators can see.
Timing Computer Operator would operate the computer and electronic timing equipment as well as supply the raw time data to the Chief Scoring Operator.

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