Atlantic Slalom Committee

Planning the Nationals

ACA OCS Racing Rules - Print a copy of the rules for everyone in the organization.
- Have everyone become familiar with these rules.
- Contact the ACA OCS National Chairman with any questions.
Slalom Site Selection - The Rapids requirements are described in the rules.
- Access to the entire slalom site by car is important.
- Parking for 90 to 175 cars.
- Arrange a Van or Bus for spectators if on site parking is limited.
- Camping at the race site is very desirable.
Competitor Camping - Camping at the race site is very desirable.
- 80% of the competitors at the Nationals camp.
Event Sanctioning - ACA Liability Insurance is a requirement.
- Contact adjacent land owners that may have to be on the insurance.
- Download the forms from the ACA National web site.
- Get familiar with ACA Membership & Event Membership catigories.
- Fill out and send in the forms with the correct fees to ACA.
Organization Experience - Include persons that already have experience at Nationals.
- Run a local race on your site a year prior to the Nationals.
- Go to other Slalom Races and observe.
Survey the Area - List accomodations, (camping/B&B/motels).
- List food stores, restruants & paddling shops.
- List other types of recreation for family activities.
Setup an Organization - Orgainize your Pre Race Positions.
- Organize your Race Day Positions.
- Orgainze your Race Committee Officers & Co-ordinators.
Develop an Invatation - Design an Entry Form.
- Put together a Race Information Packet.
- Set up a web site for the event including downloadable forms.
Solicit Sponsors - Get Sponsors for the race in general.
- Get Sponsors for specific things like Tee Shirts.
- Get paddling shops and suppliers to donate items for a raffel.
Schedule of Activities - How Boat Measuring will be handled and when.
- Days and Times for Late Registration.
- Water Release schedule if appropreate.
- Practice times by day.
- Classes each race day and schedule start time.
- Date and Place for the ACA OCS National Committee Meeting.
- Other scheduled activities.
Event Planning - Focus on the race not ancillary activities.
- Bring in Port-a-Johns if necessicary.
- Buy String and Wire to set up the course.
- See if you can borrow slalom gates, unless there will be more events.
- Timing equipment can be a simple as 4 or 5 Stop Watches.
- Radios: CB or the new Personal Radios will work fine.
- A PA System is nice, but not a requirement.
- Dinners and Tee Shirts are extras and are not a requirement either.
- Some hot Grills and a "Bring your own Steak" dinner would be great.
- Don't pay for ANY Publicity, (the internet and free listings will do).

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