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Race Day - Jobs #6

  • Report to gate station & report to Scoring who is present.
  • The Radios we use are configured like a telephone hand set with the "phone" ear piece at the antenna end and the mouth piece at the other end. Depress "push to talk" button to report scores.
  • Make sure pencil(s) are sharpened.
  • Use "white" slips for 1st runs and "pink" slips for 2nd runs.
  • Fill out judging slips including: names of judges, gate station "letter", run number, and gate numbers in your station.
  • Mark each page sequentially starting with page "1" for each run.
  • Keep judging slips dry by using baggie that's inside judging box to put the slips you are working inside with the open end down.
  • Record each bib number as boats enter your station.
  • Record penalties for each gate for each boat.
  • Once a boat has negotiated the last gate in your station, & the previous station has reported, report your scores to Scoring.
  • Be careful to keep accurate records. Write a short note if an unusual situation exists when a penalty is assessed.
  • Listen to your phone/radio at all times during your session until you are officially relieved.
  • Keep chatter on the network to a minimum and only communicate scores or emergency information such as: capsized boat, gate dragging in the water or damaged, cruiser on the course, etc.
  • Report any emergency situation to Scoring immediately,

  • All Gate Judges must have a clear view of the gates they are judging. Ask spectators politely to move if they're in your way.
  • Penalties are assessed differently for closed and open boats. Although the "clean" gate and the "50" are the same, for closed boats the penalty for touching a gate is 2 penalty seconds. For open boats the touch is assessed 10 penalty seconds.
  • Negotiation, of a gate, for open boats it's the body entering the plain of the gate and close boats its the body or boat including a touch that constitutes a negotiation.
  • If a boat in "on course" and is overtaking another boat in the same class, the overtaking boat has "right of way" over the overtaken boat. Gate Judges are required to instruct the boat being overtaken to pull over and allow the faster boat to pass. In most cases where the boats are in different classes, the overtaking boat will back off and be awarded a re-run while the boat about to be overtaken will continue normally.
  • If a boat is "off course" and skipping gates, it does NOT have the "right of way" over a boat it might be overtaking. In this case Gate Judges are required to instruct the "off course" boat to keep clear of the "on course" boat.
  • Do not leave your Gate Station uncovered until you get the official word that you are relieved.

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